Overview on Cat Fleas

If you have a cat at home, most likely, you have experienced dealing with flea problems. This is especially prevalent in the US. Cat flea, with the scientific name Ctenophalides felis, is one of the world’s most prominent fleas.

The Life Cycle of a Cat Flea

There are 4 stages in every flea’s life which are: egg, larva, pupa, and adult stage. Let us discuss each one briefly.

1. Egg- The size of the egg is usually 0.5mm, white in color, and is shaped like an oval. The female fleas lay eggs on the host, or in well-hidden areas like the lawn, carpet, or bed sheets. Eggs hatch after two days.
2. Larva- Once the egg hatches, it forms into a larva. In this stage, it has no eyes and legs yet, just hair covering the entire body. They survive by eating “flea dirt” (undigested blood) and other organic debris found on the host or in the environment.
3. Pupa- This phase involves 4 stages of metamorphosis, and thereafter, it forms a cocoon. As to when it becomes an adult flea is not really clear because factors affect the progression such as: temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide supply. It can take as short as 3 days to as long as a year. The cocoon is made up of sticky exterior which accumulates debris and dirt that they can feed on, and also serves as camouflage for the pupa.
4. Adult- Once the flea has emerged from the previous stage, it becomes an adult. An adult flea has 3 pairs of legs, with hair-like bristles around its body. Fleas jump with the help of their hind legs.

Why Cat Fleas are Such a Headache

The one thing you need to remember is that cat fleas do not only bring about annoyance to you and your pet, they also bring other problems with them. These include infectious agents and worms which they carry with them in the forms of larvae. Additionally, because they suck blood, your pet runs the risk of becoming anemic unless treated immediately, and this is especially true for kittens.

So you see, the problem with cat fleas is not just limited to seeing your cat scratch like crazy, there are other more serious issues involved. It is therefore very important for you to get rid of cat fleas the soonest time possible in order to prevent these things from happening.

This site aims to educate you about these little critters, how you can get rid of them, as well as prevention and treatment. We have also provided brief information about the most popular drug treatments for cat fleas to help you make an informed decision, should you decide to buy one for your pet.